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For Drinking Water & Swimming Water

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Validated in an EPA-Certified laboratory 

to be the most sensitive rapid lead test available


Now you can even trust the kids

for regular drinking water & pool water testing -

and they'll HAVE FUN doing it! 

A complete testing kit to easily make sure that your drinking water is safe.

  • EIGHT CONTAMINANTS QUICKLY DETECTED: Our test kit detects eight of the most common problem contaminants in drinking water within just a few minutes.  Simple but effective testing procedures tell you whether lead, pesticides, bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, or chlorine are in your drinking water at unsafe levels.  We also provide tests for total hardness and pH, so that you can ensure your tap water or well water always tastes great and is safe to drink for the whole family.

  • THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE: Any other water test kit online has a LESS SENSITIVE LEAD TEST.  We can tell you from experience that most any lead test you can find on Amazon or otherwise online with a simple foil pouch package is an older generation of our product with much lower sensitivity than the AquaScreen Next-Generation Rapid Lead Test. LOOK FOR THE BLUE LEAD TEST STRIP IN THE AQUASCREEN POUCH.

Complete 8-Contaminant

Drinking Water Testing Kit

Rapid Bacteria

Pool Testing Kit

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